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The inspiration behind the products are

Ramana Maharshi

On a pilgrimage  in 1991 to honour my deceased guru
swamy Narayanananda of the Ramakrishna lineage,
I made a stop-over in the Ramanasramam.
The peace there, hit me with a tremendous force.
That, is the inspirational force behind the products.

Arunachala is made from the oldest granite on this planet.
It was here long before man inhabitet southern India.
Ever since man came here he has felt the force of His presence. According to indian myth this is how it happened:

Brahma, the creator, and Vishnu, the sustainer, of this universe had a quarrel. Who is the greater, the more powerful of the two? Having finished the quarrelling they started to fight. Their fight threatened to destroy the world,
so the minor gods turned to Shiva and asked him to intervene. He accepted. He then created a huge column of light, and placed it on the battlefield, right between the two fighting gods. They looked up, amazed, seeing such a powerful creation. They agreed to let Shiva be the judge of their quarrel. He then asked Brahma to find the top of the light. "No problem" said Brahma,and assuming the form of a swan, he started to ascend.He flew and he flew, for thousand and thousand of years, still he did not reach the top of the light column; now he was beginning to feel tired,
really tired. At that moment he saw a leaf, falling from the sky. He recognized it to come from one of the trees in heaven. Being very tired, he asked the leaf to come with
him and confirm, that he had been to the top.
With the leaf in his swanmouth, he returned.
At the same time Vishnu was given the task to seek out from where the light started at the bottom.He assumed the form of a boar. He the then started digging in the ground,
he dug, and he dug,continuosly he dug for a thousand years
and one more thousand years.In this process, he slowly began to realize, that the light outside in the column,
and the light inside in his mind, was actually the same.
With this insight he returned to the battleground.
The two gods stepped up before Shiva.
Brahma proudly presented his leaf to claim victory,
however, Shiva, being the all-knowing, immediately saw his deceit, and as a punishment cut off one of his 4 heads,
declaring such a god unworthy of worship.
Vishnu was declared the winner. Now, what happened to the column of light? It was too powerful, so everybody approached Shiva and asked Him to do something about it.
which He did. He condensed the light into a solid form,
and placed it on the earth.
Thus Arunachala is also worshipped as
what is worshipped here is
The lord of the Universe and His Power
that places Arunachala in the heart of this universe.
A fact that Ramana Maharshi emphasized in modern times.

My stay in Ramanasramam in 1991 lasted just 3 days,
however, it was a turning point in my life.
In 1993 I left my business and family for a retreat,
Ramanashramam offered the perfect surroundings initially,
and later a house was built in Adiannamalai, to the west,
 where I now retreat.

Ramana was born in a small village near Madurai in 1879.
He later moved to Madurai,here at the age of 16, he had
his death experience. In that experience, it became clear
to him, that what dies, is the body only, he is
the eternal self, untouched by death.
He tried to live on, as a normal schoolboy, but his brother teased him, "You behave just like a sadhu"
From childhood Ramana loved Arunachala,
he now learned, that the holy mountain was a reality,
not just in the heaven, but here on earth, so he decided to leave his family and go there, without any possesion or money, he just had his golden earrings,
which he sold to buy a train ticket. He thus came to Tiruvannamalai,without anything; he just went into the temple and surrendered completely to Arunachala.
The young boy suffered many difficulties, eventually his high state was recognized and people took care of him.
He lived in the caves on the mountain, and remained silent.
The silence came naturally to him,he never made it an obligation. The silence stayed with him for 15 years,
then gradually speech came back.
His family came looking for him, but he told them to go back,
his mother though, eventually came and stayed and took care of him. Her death, is the beginning of establishing the present ashram. Her samadhi had to be kept in good order,
thus Ramana moved from his cave on the mountain to the foothill, where the ashram is situated.
He lived there, attracting devotees from all over the world
In 1950 after a period of illness, he took his last breath as
effortlessly, as he had lived his simple life.
A shooting star was seen by many, as if the
universer itself acknowledged the passing away
of a great saint.
Silence is still felt very strongly.
And if you cannot feel it,
know it is in your heart.
to find the entrance to your heart ramana ask you
 to trace your thoughts back to their origin.
The I
and then ask
Who am I.
for this exercise to be succesfull
you need to silence your mind
Be still
Once you enter into the heart of your own being,
you enter into the heart of Arunachala.
All is one