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The design and quality check is done by me.
My christian name is Jens Ruff, my guru named me Valmiki.
Born in 1944, finished an MBA in economics from Copenhagen Business School in 1972.
There was a pull toward spiritual life in the 60's
and in 1973 my wife and I took sannyas from Swamy Narayanananda of the Ramakrishna lineage.
In 1991, on a pilgimage to India, I first stayed in Ramanashram in Tiruvannamalai, Tamil Nadu
and in 1993 started to do retreats there.
Now, I have a house and live there for 7
months every year, 5 months are spent in
Denmark, my native place.
Dandapani is the carpenter.
He is has many years experience carving wooden doors.
He is a family man with 2 children.